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The Board of Directors for West Memorial Civic Association has contracted with High Sierra Management, Inc. as the Association’s Management Company. High Sierra Management is a full service management company and will oversee the day-to-day business activities of the Association. 

High Sierra Management
722 Pin Oak Road
Katy. TX 77494
Email High Sierra
For more information on High Sierra Management, click here

When contacting the office or speaking with the answering service, please be sure to provide your name, homeowner association, address and telephone number where the call can be returned.
Please allow the property manager 24 to 48 hours to respond to your correspondence unless of urgent need.

High Sierra Management will be performing the monthly deed restriction inspections and citing all violations of the governing documents. If you do not have the rules and regulations, you may download a copy by clicking on the links below or by contacting the management company at 281-391-7914 to request a copy. We are sure you are all eager to help maintain the property values and exterior appearance of our community and hope we can count on your continued support in this effort. As a reminder, West Memorial Civic Association is a deed restricted community and all changes or additions to the exterior of the home must be approved by the Association prior to any work commencing. Requests for home improvements can be obtained through management.

High Sierra Management
722 Pin Oak Road
Katy. TX 77494
Email High Sierra
For more information on High Sierra Management, click here

The purpose of deed restrictions in your neighborhood is to protect and enhance property values. They set guidelines for initial construction, perpetual maintenance and property use. As residents agree to abide by the majority view, the style and standards of a community are established and everyone benefits. For your information, restrictions are written by the developer before the first home is constructed and the Civic Association is then charged with the on-going responsibility of enforcing them. They can be changed but the votes of a very large percentage of of the homeowners is required to do so.

If you receive a deed restriction letter, please contact High Sierra at 281-391-7914 and we will work with you and convey your messages to the Civic Association Board.

Some Quick Answers

Q: Can you can make the deed restrictions on your property more restrictive than those restrictions recorded by West Memorial?
A: Yes

Q: What type of flag may be flown on your property
A: The Flag of the United States, Texas or any branch of the United States Armed Forces

Q: What is the maximum height allowed for a flag pole
A: 20 feet

Q: Are you are allowed to install Solar Panels
A: Yes with approval of the Architectural Control Committee

Q: How many detached out buildings are allowed per lot
A: One

Q:How close can a play structure be to a property line
A: 6 feet

Q: Can Sun Rooms may be added to any house
A: Yes with approval of the Architectural Control Committee, only to the rear of the house and it must have a concrete slab floor

Q: What is the maximum total wattage for all outdoor security lights
A: 300 watts

Q: If my Architectural Control submission is disapproved, how many days do I have to submit additional information
A: 30

Q: During what hours can I do construction on my lot
A: 7am to 9pm

For a copy of the deed restrictions please contact High Sierra Management at 281-391-7914 or email High Sierra. The following samples are provided as a reference:

Please note: these are large files
...Section 1
...Section 1 - South
...Section 2
...Section 3
...Section 4
Certain Policies & Guidelines Regarding Deed Restriction Matters

The Civic Association is responsible for ensuring that all architectural changes done to the residences are in accordance with the architectural guidelines. You received these guidelines upon moving into the community. All improvements must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee. For more information please contact High Sierra Management at 281-391-7914 or email High Sierra.

To download the Architectural Guidelines, click here
To download an Architectural Review Application, click here
To download a list of pre-approved paint colors, click here

All questions or information regarding deed restriction violation letters, your annual maintenance dues or architectural approval of any type must be directed in writing to:
West Memorial Civic Association
c/o High Sierra Management
722 Pin Oak Road
Katy. TX 77494
Email High Sierra

High Sierra Management generates invoices for the annual assessments and they are mailed out in late November or early December. The maintenance fees must be paid in full or by using an installment plan set up by February 1st of each year.
Should you wish, you can now pay your dues online.

The management company will send out a reminder notice to all homeowners who have not paid their assessment in full or set up an installment plan with the management company at the beginning of February each year. The homeowner is not charged for this letter. In April, the management company usually sends out a certified letter requesting payment to each delinquent homeowner who has not already set up an installment plan and the homeowner will be assessed a $35 fee for that letter.

If the homeowner continues to remain delinquent, the Board of Directors will make a decision in September to turn delinquent accounts over to the Association's attorney. A Demand Letter is authorized by the Board and prepared and sent by the Association attorney.

Should the homeowner continue to remain delinquent, the Board of Directors will authorize the attorney to move forward with filing a lawsuit. The lawsuit results in a judgment against the homeowner and his or her property. The cost of the lawsuit will result in hundreds of additional dollars being assessed to the homeowner due to the legal fees incurred by the Association.

If the assessments are not brought current, the board could then authorize foreclosure action after the judgment is obtained.

If you are interested in setting up an installment plan, please contact High Sierra Management Services, Inc. at 281-391-7914 or email High Sierra

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Online Homeowner Portal open through High Sierra Management! Click here to learn more about it and how to register!
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Our West Memorial constables patrol our subdivision 24/7. Please call them at 281-463-6666 to report any disturbance or to request vacation patrols.

Don't hesitate to call the Animal Control Officer at 281-391-4848 or the Harris County Animal Control at 281-999-3191 if you see animals roaming the neighborhood unleashed.

The clubhouse is located at 22415 Kingsland Ave and is available for rental. You can download the rental agreement after you have confirmed your reservation date by email with High Sierra.
West Memorial Clubhouse Rental Agreement

Our community park is located at 22415 Kingsland and is open to all West Memorial residents for outdoor activities. It has playround equipment and a large sheltered pavilion.

If you are interested in doing some volunteer work for West Memorial and the larger Katy communities or becoming involved with our West Memorial Civic Association Board, please email volunteers@westmemorial.org

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West Memorial car stickers are now available if you would like to identify yourselves as West Memorial residents. Please email High Sierra for more details.

Your West Memorial Community Newsletter will be delivered to you monthly. To add or change items of interest please contact
Krenek Printing Company 7102 Glen Chase Ct,
Katy, TX 77095

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